The Island’s fastest-growing furniture manufacturer. 


Malta’s second most recognisable meal prep company.  

Freedom is a Bicycle

The most recommended and highly rated bike riding lessons and events. 


The most well know and rated car and marine audio installations specialist. 


TAKEOFF is Malta’s premier business incubator. located within the Centre for Entrepreneurship and Business Incubation (CEBI) at the University of Malta.


A leading producer of natural wines in Europe. 

Foundation for Transport

A national foundation striving to achieve sustainable transport for the future.

Malta University Accommodation

Helps students globally find the best place to stay. 

Malta University Holding Company

The University Holding Company Portfolio.

Malta University Consultaing

Professional Consulting Services.

Starlights Investments INC

A UK based business consultancy. 

JReGaming Solutions

A UK based IT Company specialising in eGaming. 

Power Plus

One of the largest local Solar Panel importers and installers. 

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